What To Shred


When In Doubt, Destroy.

Regardless of your industry, every business has vital information that requires destruction.
Should you have a unique project, we will find a way to securely accommodate.

A Few Example Items That Should Be Properly Shredded/Destroyed:
Accounting records Business plans ATM receipts
Audits Cancelled checks Bank account information
Bank statements Computer reports Bank statements
Competitive information Credit card numbers Brokerage account information
Contracts Executive correspondence Cancelled & voided checks
Client Correspondence New product information Credit & debit card numbers
Financial records Photographs Credit reports & histories
Insurance records Presentations Drivers’ license numbers
Intellectual property records Price/inventory lists Employee pay stubs
Internal memos Proposals and quotes Employment records
Invoices Proprietary documents Insurance policy data
Legal documents Receipts/invoices Investment documents
Marketing material R&D files/data Medical and dental records
Obsolete contracts Passports Resumes
Social Security numbers Telephone numbers Tax records
Travel itineraries Used airline tickets Official notices
Payroll records Personnel files Phone records
Planning documents Price lists Procedure manuals
Purchase receipts Sales forecasts Tax records
Training information Cassette Tapes Casino Chips
Casino Cards CD-ROMs/CD-Rs/DVDs Computer Backups
Excess/Reject Inventory Hard Drives Microfiche
Microfilm Old Cell Phones Product Samples
Product Overages Prototypes Videotapes